London transport info 2017 8-9 July

TfL (Transport for London) sends out a weekly email listing outages, strike updates and other information related to weekend works on public transport around the city and sometimes beyond. This travel blog got so cluttered with these that I stopped posting individual updates. Please click on the links here for the latest… You may also want to add the TfL apps (look on Google Play and Apple store) or Twitter links to your phone so the most current info is at your fingertips.

Please note than when you click on the Status Updates link on the TfL site, it may start you on the real time tab a good thing if you’re already out and about. There are also tabs for the weekend and “future” which allows you to key in particular date/s.

If you click on the Tfl/DLR link at the bottom of this post and click on the colored box with the plus sign, another box opens immediately below with details on the weekend issues.

There only closures on the main Tube system this weekend is on the Circle line between Edgware and Hammersmith and the same strip of the Hammersmith & City line.

The Chancery Lane station is closed on the Central line.

There are also disruptions to services on parts of London Overground and DLR and TfL rail. Click on the 6 month link below to see long-term closures for 2017 and 2018.

The roads around Regent Street down to Piccadilly Circus and over towards Oxford Circus will see the Pride parade for most of Saturday. Additionally, most of the area is pedestrian-only on Sundays in July. Trafalgar Sq will see some blockages on Sunday.

There is a long-term road works issue around Parliament Square until August.

Twickenham has a U2 concert on Saturday and the Wimbledon fortnight will do its usual clog-up especially near the Southfields station. Wimbledon Village and the town centre.

strike updates for National Rail (none at the moment)

road works updates

London TfL/ DLR/Overground this weekend                London for the next 6 months

Tube strike latest(not currently applicable)

@Traffic news (twitter)                              @Bus updates (twitter)


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