Rugby World Cup 2011 free online

watch Rugby World Cup 2011 completed matches for free online

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2 Responses to Rugby World Cup 2011 free online

  1. Susan says:

    cool! I miss watching “real” rugby. Thanks for the tip!

    • suzykewct says:

      The Australia v Ireland match was amazing, not least because Ireland BEAT the Aussies! I’m also looking forward to watching the New Zealand/France match in a couple of days. The rugby laws have changed quite a bit since we played. The most obvious changes to my eye are that lifting in the lineout is now OK and presenting the ball after a tackle allows for handling that used to be called ‘failure to release’. There is also the control of the scrums coming together (crouch, touch, pause, engage) and the requirement for players to stay on their feet to prevent catastrophic neck injury. Finally, the backs are as cute as they ever were!

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