Ten best Scotch whiskies

London Independent’s list of 10 best Scotches  – 3 blends, 7 single malts and the best dram to go with your haggis!

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2 Responses to Ten best Scotch whiskies

  1. Stephen J. Kudless, Haggis Maeven says:

    Ahhh, what to accompany a hot, steaming plate of haggis? Chloroform perhaps? I’ve had it–in the home of an Edinburgh friend– and well, it’s fortunate that he was a physician. The “aroma” was enough to melt brass. Of course, my comments are to be understood coming from someone who actually likes the Brit-fave “mushy peas.” Go figure!


    • suzykewct says:

      My only encounter with haggis was at a hotel in Edinburgh on New Year’s Day. It tasted fine, as long as I didn’t think about identifying the ingredients. Mind you, they SAID it was haggis. And it LOOKED like haggis. It may have been nothing more than oatmeal and Brown sauce. I rather think the canned haggis I’ve seen at Scottish festivals would more resemble your experience than mine, too. Not planning to track that one down. In the meantime, praise the lord and pass the Talisker!

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