London Tube outages during December holiday periods

Info on London Tube outages for December holidays. Weekend of 17-18 December, 2011 through 2 January 2012 is explained.

Note that the Tube does not run on Christmas Day.

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2 Responses to London Tube outages during December holiday periods

  1. Ann Jurkiewicz says:

    Hi Suzanne! great blog, My daughter is going to London in July – staying for 6 weeks- will she need to get tickets to attractions ahead of time?

    • suzykewct says:

      It depends on what she is trying to see and also, I suspect, whether she is in London during the Olympics. There is a London Pass ( that will at least give her a discount on some attractions. She can get a discount on bus and Tube travel if she gets either a multi-day TravelCard or an OysterCard. Both these are available at any London Tube station. The Oyster Card can be pre-loaded with British cash and lasts as long as the balance does – sort of like EZPass. I have an Oyster Card.
      Museums are free, although there may be some special exhibits with admission and timed entry. Buckingham Palace won’t be open for tours until 31 July and that WOULD have to be booked ahead of time. The evening Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London is free but requires a written request, with two alternate dates, sent at least two months in advance. I’m assuming she is a student, so she can get student discounts on theater tickets and other things.

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