Art is everywhere in Prague

Building facades, statues, lamp posts and museum entrances are just some of the places where you’ll find art. Some beautiful, some thought-provoking. Too much to take in if you’re only there for a few days.

Apologies for the crummy photo resolution. I’m working to improve for next time.

wall murals in U Bubeníčků pub

a Mucha-designed hotel doorway

''Guns'', an art installation at the Artbanka museum entrance

a lamp post base in Prague

the Metronome in Letna Park above the Vltava River

The Dancing House, aka 'Fred & Ginger' for those who remember who they were!

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3 Responses to Art is everywhere in Prague

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I went to Prague a couple of years back for the Christmas market. It is indeed a wonderful city.

    I really like the “Guns” art installation.

  2. Maryev in MN says:

    Wonderful and interesting!
    I really liked that I could see the pictures directly within the email instead of clicking on a link.

    • suzykewct says:

      I post pictures when I’ve taken them myself. Links are sometimes necessary when I don’t have a photo or there is an extraordinary photo on the web to link to.

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