Tackling power needs in Europe

I try to keep away from political topics, but enjoyable travel, power grid needs and climate change may get more tangled up together. Here are some news items on the topic from the last few issues of the London Independent…

Sounds more than a little bit ambitious – sending power from Iceland’s volcanoes to the UK via ocean floor cables.

Also – light pollution is blotting out the stars. Probably gonna get worse if the Icelandic power thingy is successful, yeah? Or maybe using different lighting materials will help. Both light pollution and climate change are impacting migration and mating patterns on several bird species. Yikes!

And here’s another idea from Feldheim, Germany… on-site wind power.

And then there’s a push for ‘safe’, ‘clean’ nuclear power. (not) Can you say Fukushima?

On the other hand – a fairly simple idea for roofs.

Rounding out the topic for now – the carbon offset policies from my two favorite airlines – Virgin Atlantic and Icelandair.

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