For Memorial Day

Endless headstones; unfinished lives – Normandy and Luxembourg

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3 Responses to For Memorial Day

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I certainly intend to make it across to the graves of Normandy at some point. Partly to pay my respects and partly just to see it. Seeing that many headstones is probably the closest you can get to making the level of sacrifice really hit home.

    • suzykewct says:

      It’s a very sobering experience. If you go on your own, you can either make your own itinerary or take smaller, localized guided tours. When I went to Normandy in 2002, I signed up for a 3-day tour with Tours International (a Tunbridge Wells outfit) because my father could not stand or walk for long distances. That tour included both American and British sites and I highly recommend them (see my Normandy blogs if you want to read more).

      • lanceleuven says:

        I’m sure it is incredibly sobering. And cheers for the tips. It”s really not that far from me so I don’t have any excuse but to go and visit.

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