Olympics in London – traffic updates for Saturday, 4 August

The latest updates on Olympics-related traffic issues for Saturday, 4 August, mostly in and around London. I’m not paying close attention, but it seems as though the same venues are listed every day, as well as the same slow spots on the same Tube lines. There are also suggested alternatives to using the Stratford station, as well as recent traffic changes to improve flow.

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2 Responses to Olympics in London – traffic updates for Saturday, 4 August

  1. lanceleuven says:

    Not sure if it’s just me but I can’t get that link to work. Although my London traffic advice would simply be to stay away!

    • suzykewct says:

      Hmmm. These links went to online emails I received from TfL. It never occurred to me to check the links.

      I changed the link destination to the generic website and the new blogpost for Sunday will be the last one. That’s what I get for trying to be helpful.

      Glad you’re back in blogworld and thank you for the heads-up on the bad links!

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