Heading into the home stretch – Olympic traffic updates for Friday, 10 August

Here is the TfL disruption link for Friday, 10 August.

From TfL…

3 days to go: There are only 3 more days before the Olympic Games finish on Sunday evening. Thank you for your support so far; this has helped us get spectators to events and keep London moving. We’ll be sending you the last daily Olympics email travel alert on Saturday.

… your daily travel information update for tomorrow, Friday 10 August.

Men’s 10km Marathon Swimming is taking place in Hyde Park in the afternoon. Areas around Hyde Park are expected to be busy, particularly from 11:30‑15:30.

Basketball finals are taking place at North Greenwich Arena in the evening; the Jubilee line is expected to be busy to end of service with North Greenwich Tube station particularly affected.

Paralympic Games travel alerts: We will start sending you daily travel advice for the Paralympics on Wednesday 29 August. Whilst most of the Paralympic venues are in East London, there will still be an impact on London’s transport network, particularly when the schools go back. London has a lot to offer during the Games, so make the most of the theatres, restaurants, shops, free concerts and other attractions.

I don’t intend to continue blogging links for the Paralympic Games. I’ve got some of my own travel projects to plan, so my blogging will likely dry up considerably for a while. I will, however, post the main link at first, even if it’s the same website as they’ve used so far.

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