Deep fried Mars bars carry a disclaimer? Come now!

From the London Independent.

I must confess that a deep-fried Mars bar is still on my list of European goodies to sample and review.

The Mars company apparently thinks their “good name” is being trashed because of this particular Scottish snack and they are trying to require that buyers be notified that Mars does not wish to be associated with this unhealthy treat.

Get a grip, Mars. Do you really think your products are any healthier without the fry-job? Maybe they are, but only just barely. I think you’re just peeved that some “little guy” came up with the idea before you did. So there.

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2 Responses to Deep fried Mars bars carry a disclaimer? Come now!

  1. Steve Kudless says:

    Suzanne, Over the years I have eaten multiple Fried Mars Bars in London! They are disgusting, oozing globs of molten yuck. Also, they are delicious and a perfect follow-up to a meal that incorporates mushy peas with mutton stew.
    Hey, …’when in Rome…

    • suzykewct says:

      I’m inclined to prefer a deep-fried Mars bar to mutton stew. Disgusting, I suppose, is in the palate of the eater. Mushy peas are fine. If I find said Mars bars next time I’m in London, I’ll report back!

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