Short and sweet – a message from Suzanne the Travel Magpie

No links today. No photos yet. Just a quick post from Dubrovnik, Croatia at the start of a long visit to Europe. The cat sitter has been to tend the cats and I can’t get into my aol account tonight.

Weather has been very blustery, so I did not get to walk the city walls yet and the cable car was shut, probably because of the weather. It’s Friday night, after all and there’s a restaurant at the top of the mountain / hill.

Tomorrow I’m taking a day trip to Bosnia, specifically to Mostar. Yesterday, I sat next to a very friendly fellow named Zamir from Mostar who was headed home for a visit; he works in London, so we had a long chat. I hope to be able to put together more detailed posts in the days to come. If not, y’all will just have to be in suspense until I get home and get some of my photos loaded up.


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3 Responses to Short and sweet – a message from Suzanne the Travel Magpie

  1. tellme13 says:

    The audience will just have to wait. I am sure that the cats are fine, and the aol account is not that important. Let me know if you’d like me to call the sitter to check the CatStatus. I bet the sitter is not a WordPress person. Have a great time in Europe!

    • suzykewct says:

      The email account is my lifeline to the hotels and such I booked, so it is a pain not to have access.

      It won’t be an issue for the next day or day and a half because we will be in an area without wifi.
      I have my brother working to restore things stateside. It’s also possible that once I get to Germany or London,
      AOL won’t think I’m hacking into my own account.

      You learn something new every day. This subject may be worth its own blog post.

  2. lanceleuven says:

    Have a great time! 🙂

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