Austria and Germany in one day

This post was writtepn several days ago. I thought I had published it but then, I’m still coming to terms with my #&$%$# tablet…

The night train arrived in Salzburg, Austria yesterday morning at 5am. This was better than expected. The ride took an hour more than scheduled for some reason.

Sitting in the train station, waiting for the city to come to life was not something I wanted to do, so I stashed the bag in a luggage locker (they still have such things over here. No Xray screening or anti-terrorism questions!) and went downstairs to get a ticket to Munich. The original plan was to see Salzburg today and do Oktoberfest tomorrow, but I saved a bunch of time by switching. The 9:09 am train, a double-decker, took about 2 hours to Munich. It was filled to bursting with guys in lederhosen and women in long, colorful dirndl skirts, white blouses with short, puffy sleeves and tight-fitting vests to match the skirts.

Briefly, it was a hoot and my new image-stabilized camera was worth what I paid just to get some decent fotos of this drinking festival. Word to those who´ve never been, though. No amount of ´normal´American drinking will prepare you for downing a liter of beer in 45 minutes (that was how long the table I was sitting at with some Germans and one very nice young woman who lives in Florida was available). After that, it was reserved by some other group. Prost!

More on all these adventures and misadventures when I´m home and can upload my fotos.

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2 Responses to Austria and Germany in one day

  1. tellme13 says:

    Need an update! The nation is waiting for more fun stories!

  2. lanceleuven says:

    Prost! Reminds me of when I fell asleep on the train we were taking back to Augsburg after the Oktoberfest. The next stop was Zurich. Thankfully my brother was there to wake me and drag me off the train!

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