A visual feast at Borough Market

After seeing this outdoor food market on TV several times, I just had to pay a visit on this last trip. Borough Market was not as grandiose as it was on TV (the downside of airing old travel shows). There is a huge mess of long-term construction aimed at improving Thames Link and other Tube stations in the area. Even in its diminished and more jumbled state, Borough Market is still worth the trek. Unfortunately, I seem not to have taken any photos of the ironwork. Maybe next time, if I get back there before the place has been completely trashed.

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The positive result of all this renovation mayhem, I suppose, is that when all is complete, the Borough, Bermondsey and Southwark areas south of the Thames will be more accessible from other parts of London. The bad news is that several old buildings were demolished to accomplish the task.

The sad part will be the loss of the gorgeous high arches of cast iron that form an umbrella over the market stalls. These will apparently be replaced with modern glass panels. Fooey.

Visit Borough Market and take your photos now, before all the beautiful ironwork is gone. Even if someone figured a way to keep a small part of it, it won’t be quite the same.

In the same vein, let’s hope no one gets any bright ideas about spiffing up the iron tracery above Leadenhall Market!

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