Add Borgen and The Bridge to your Netflix list

From the London Independent.

A Danish TV series, Borgen, with a female prime minister as the central character, is a hit in the UK. Will PBS pick it up in the US? If not, maybe Netflix will carry it. I saw part of one episode when I was in London last year and got caught up right away (even if now I can’t remember the plot). I also watched some episodes of the (original) Danish version of The Killing. Another Danish police procedural, The Bridge, was really good. I saw a few episodes of that show on the plane (Virgin Atlantic, natch). What attracted me about The Bridge was that the bridge of the title is the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. I went over that bridge in 2011 so I felt as though I knew all about the place. It’s also easily seen when you fly into Copenhagen, north of all the wind towers in the water.

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