Dutch and other European news March/April 2013

From Dutch News and BBC.

Two big art museums in Amsterdam are sue to reopen after long closures. One is the Rijksmuseum, home of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, among many other masterpieces. It will reopen on 13 April. Also, the Van Gogh museum, which has been shut for ten years – more than double the original timetable, set to reopen on 1 May. Best to order your tickets online now?

If you’re going to the Netherlands, be aware of disappearing cash machines (!) not because they’re being ripped out by thieves, but because banks are saying they are too expensive to keep. Is this a trend for the future here in the US? What a pain inna neck.

Areas for anti-monarchy protests have been designated for the last Queen’s Day holiday on 30 April, 2013 in Amsterdam. If you’re going, knowing where these are should make getting around easier.

Ryanair is facing fines for breaking EU rules regarding online ticket sales.

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