Pickpockets at the Louvre

From France 24.

Staff walked off the job at the Louvre to protest rising number of cases of pickpocketing at the museum. The place was forced to close for the day. An increased police presence has been put in place. Still, hold onto your wallets or, better yet, take a page from Rick Steves’ book and use a moneybelt!

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2 Responses to Pickpockets at the Louvre

  1. Jim Kudless says:

    This is not the first time pickpockets have been Paris. We were hit 7 years ago in the metro. You girls distrcting for direction in a crowded car. surly crew chiefs with them.
    The worst part was the Metro Security were powerless and the only help was they told us that they were only interested in the cash.
    The Paris Police were worse. They took a report after we insisted and waiting the pouring rain to get into the station. Then they did not explain the process. And said it was common but there was nothing they could do.
    Fast forward 6 month later the wallet is found and we got a letter. Since it was a gift to my wife we wanted to get it back. I called the office in Paris and the process (wait for it) was we had to come in person or send a designated agent in person to get it. They would not accept a FedEx or DHL prepaid waybill to send it to the address in the wallet. Paris Police have no interest in helping tourists so watch out and keep your money secure.

    • suzykewct says:

      The other thing I’ve heard about lately is an apparently huge rise in the number of iPhone thefts on the Metro. It’s so pervasive that there’s a name for it – “going apple picking”.

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