UK news roundup – April 2013 – field trips, dogs and surcharges

From the London Independent. March/April 2013.

A list of ten architecture walks from London to Glasgow and beyond.

Ten of the best flea markets around Britain. Mind you, most flea markets in the US are weekly affairs at the very least. Some of these in the UK list are annual events. Fleas must not be much of a problem if they only need an airing once a year (!)

From France 24. Britain has just outlawed excessive surcharges for credit and debit card use. I think this is an important bit of news for those of us who use our cards for big ticket items which, increasingly, means pricey airfares. I recently noticed that buying a plane ticket on EasyJet was going to cost more by credit card than by UK debit card, the latter of which, naturally, I do not have. It was only a few pounds, but still. Since this happened after the law changed, I suppose these few pounds were not considered excessive.

From London Independent. London goes to the dogs – finally! A couple of new restaus with so-called dog-friendly menus are due to open. I may just have to seek one of these out for a laugh. I can enjoy a few pooches without needing one of my own. Perfect!

From Oxford Mail. An art exhibit all month at a local vineyard.

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3 Responses to UK news roundup – April 2013 – field trips, dogs and surcharges

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I had no idea they’d banned the credit card sucharges. That’s excellent news! It’s about time too. It always seemed like a blatent rip-off.

    • suzykewct says:

      I just updated my blog post with the word “excessive” after finding a Guardian item online that cited £20-plus surcharges on concert tickets for the Rolling Stones. Retailers in the US tried to tack on surcharges for credit/debit card purchases but it got shot down. I don’t know how much they lose when a customer uses one of these cards, but it’s probably higher than it should be. Banks are the new Lucifer. Ya think?

      • lanceleuven says:

        £20?? Wow, that’s pretty steep. I’m not surprised it’s the Rolling Stones though! The Rock Dinosaur Capitalists! 🙂

        Fair play to the US for stopping it. I know it costs a little but I think it’s far lower than they charge over here. I agree, the banks certainly seem to be challenging Lucifer for that Prince of Darkness title!

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