A roundup of ‘Euronews’ for spring 2013

From the London Independent, DutchNews, France 24, et al.

Ten gardens to visit when the weather cooperates.

The Moscow Cat Circus returns. I’m hoping they get animal visas to travel outside Russia soon.

Turn on your high-beams in the Netherlands; highway lighting to be reduced to save money.

Airbnb is OK in Amsterdam. Now Paris needs to “get with the program”.

The Dutch postal service is reducing the number of post offices and post boxes. Finding either could add time to your day when mailing postcards (I’m still wondering about a mailbox in Haarlem where I mailed a postcard in 1994, which card never arrived – there was no pickup time marked on the box).

High-speed rail service between Amsterdam and Brussels was abandoned after a large number of complaints and snafus. Now there’ll be an investigation. Sounds like a vaguely American gov’t idea, dunnit?

Aboriginal art on a Paris museum roof.

A new French museum in Marseille has just opened.

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