Not Europe – farewell to Sydney, Australia’s monorail

From France 24.

I missed the announcement in March that the monorail in Sydney, Australia would be taken down. The only significance to me is that I never rode on it; it was erected shortly after my only trip Down Under but I always assumed I’d get to experience it on my second trip – which hasn’t happened yet. Time flies…

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2 Responses to Not Europe – farewell to Sydney, Australia’s monorail

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I’ve long thought that monorails should be the way forward, particualrly in crowded cities (like you get a lot of here in the UK). But I guess it’s quite difficult to get these things right.

    • suzykewct says:

      Some monorails do well, but I imagine twenty year old technology – or twenty year old political fiddling – might have made for less than ideal systems. The monorails at Gatwick and LHR and the one connecting JFK airport to local rail systems in NYC are much more recent so they may have learned from mistakes Sydney made. Thanks for the comments!

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