Changes coming to Stonehenge

From the English Heritage website after reading a blurb on the London Independent.

I can’t decide how much I like the sound of this. On the one hand, it’s laudable to want to restore the area around Stonehenge so it more closely resembles when the stones were first erected. On the other hand, the A344 at least had the advantage of coming close enough to the site for a quick snap from the verge if you drove past when the gates were closed, which happened to me on my very first visit to the UK. Will there be any sort of viewing point away from the admission gates? I’ve always thought the idea of having Stonehenge “open” or “closed” to be rather absurd. Surely this practice in and of itself violates the idea of restoring Stonehenge to its original open access, ah but what do I know?

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4 Responses to Changes coming to Stonehenge

  1. lanceleuven says:

    Well, it doesn’t say anything about closing the A303 (yet). That passes fairly close on the other side. So I guess that might still be an option (although they’ve been discussing doing something about that for years). At least something is being done to protect it I suppose. I recently read about a planned housing development that backs right on to an iron age hillfort! Can you believe it?? Madness.

    • suzykewct says:

      Well, I hope the ‘housing estate’ in the article (link below) is the only one getting built near the stones. This at least makes a bit of sense, but I would hope even this would be temporary – as soon as I’ve seen it, of course!

      • lanceleuven says:

        Hah! I think you could be safe on that front. I think the whole country would be up in arms if someone suggested building anything more substantial next to Stonehenge. Sadly, iron age hill forts don’t seem to have the same glamour or appeal.

        • suzykewct says:

          The hill forts are a hard sell to folks with no curiosity for history and/or limited imagination. I have to confess I’ve never been to any except for Old Sarum and, admittedly, I might have skipped it had it only been dirt and grass, without the later stone palace ruins.
          And when you consider how few there are in places like Kent, it seems likely that the hill forts have been getting razed and the land reused for a very long time.

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