My favorite London sculpture

These days, the first bit of outdoor art I check out in London is the rotating art installation on the fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Always interesting, subject matter all over the place and there’s a new piece every year or so.

That’s not my favorite piece of art in London, however.

This is. The Horses of Helios. They’ve only been around since 1992, which explains why I didn’t see them on my first trip in 1990. They are in a niche, set back from the SE corner of Piccadilly Circus on Haymarket just beyond the statue of Eros. I think they’ve been cleaned or blacked since this photo was taken and they look really neat after dark, especially if the fountain is running, which was not the case when I took this picture.

The Horses of Helios

The Horses of Helios

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