Champagne vending machine in London

An excerpt from a London Independent article on eating lobster described a fabulous (non-seafood) sighting in Selfridges, the London department store. To wit –

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The convenience of instant luxury crystals

I love the idea of the new Moët & Chandon vending machine in Selfridges. The contraption, housed on the fourth floor of the Oxford Street store in London, contains 350 mini art-deco-inspired bottles which have been adorned with Swarovski crystals and are yours for th[e] taking if you have a spare £17.99.

[.]All they need now is an ATM dispensing sheets of prosciutto and caviar on tap and they’ve got themselves a posh dinner party.

= = = = =

Personally, I’d rather they skip the crystals and artsy-fartsy designs and simply increase the size of the bottles. What a terrific excuse for a visit to this store, either by me or anyone who can get there soon and report back. Any volunteers?

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3 Responses to Champagne vending machine in London

  1. lanceleuven says:

    It’s a great idea. I once had a conversation with a friend (while we were at the back of a large queue) about how bars should have vending machines for bottled drinks. It would help reduce the bar queue (although only bars with doorstaff to stop underage drinkers entering).

    BTW Was there supposed to be a link to the original article?

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