Top Scotch whiskies

From London Independent.

Ten top Scotches, a mix of single malts and blends. Blends? Really? I bought a nip of Highland Park in Edinburgh last month; quite nice but, admittedly, not the 25 year old stuff – more like 10 or maybe 12.

I’ve got some other wee drams that made the trip back in my bag, as well as a full bottle of Isle of Jura; I lost track of Burns night (don’t tell the clan, I’ll be drummed out) but winter’s not over yet!

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3 Responses to Top Scotch whiskies

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I once walked into one of Scotland’s top whisky bars (The Grill, Aberdeen) and ordered a pint of beer. It wasn’t until the barman began pouring it that it suddenly occurred to me that, considering my location, I should probably take advantage and try some of the whiskys!

    • suzykewct says:

      And did you? Try the whiskys? As different from one another as good beers or ales. My faves tend to be low on the peaty-smoky scale, but there are still lots of variety. My Scotch education hot a huge boost at the Ensign Ewart pub, just down the street from Edinburgh Castle. I was traveling with a friend at the time and the landlord introduced each of us to three different types, six in all. He said after that your palate is pretty much shot. I still have the list. Highland Park was on it. I should post the list sometime.

      • lanceleuven says:

        Hah! Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that. 🙂

        Yes, I tried a peaty one and quite a smoky one. They were very nice. I’m not a huge whisky drinker, and they were both quite unlike anything I’d ever tried before. It was certainly enlightening. I guess it served as my introduction to the great variation and complexity of whiskys.

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