Assorted crumbs from the UK

OK, OK, so some of these have absolutely nothing to do with travel. But it’s my blog and these little items tickled my fancy (and Lord knows I need my fancy tickled as often as possible!)

From the London Independent.

Ten yummy crunchy potato crisps (chips). Add to these the really good rosemary flavored ones I found in a convenience store in Iceland – and I actually hate rosemary!!

Ten of the best hot cross buns, just in time for Easter (March 23 or April 20, depending).

And let’s not forget CHOCOLATE! A selection of 10 Easter chocolate eggs. The Hotel Chocolat looks divine (dark is the only true chocolate for me), but the variety pack from Marks & Sparks might do in a pinch.

From Oxford Mail.

I didn’t know the term ‘greasy spoon’ was used in the UK, but there’s just such a place in Oxford. And if that label grosses you out, take your breakfast at Brown’s on the Woodstock Road.


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