A cozy harborside restaurant in Reykjavik

When I’m traveling, most of my meals (aside from breakfast which is usually included in the cost of the room) consist of sandwiches and snacks either in my room or on the go. At least once per trip, I splurge on a proper dinner out. When I was in Reykjavik in January, this treat took the form of a lovely fish dinner at Hofnin, a small restaurant in the harbor area and only a five minute walk from my hotel.

A big pot of mussels (wild caught) for starters, delicate Arctic char (possibly farmed) as an entree with some lovely white wine and some of the best potatoes I’ve ever had – all crusty and slightly salty and not too starchy. Chocolate mousse and a bit of cake for dessert and espresso to finish. A memorable meal in the coziest of settings.

Hofnin restau, Reykjavik

Hofnin restau, Reykjavik


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