Kelpies and other critters in New York

Two Saturdays in a row, I was in NYC and made a point both times to swing by Bryant Park to visit the Kelpies scale model sculptures. One day was rainy, the other sunny, which explains the different weather in the photos. If you look carefully, I added a circle to two photos in the slideshow to highlight a metal stick figure at the base of one of the Kelpies. He shows the scale of the full-sized sculptures in Scotland. They are HUGE! I wonder if they have names? Publicity photos of Andy Scott, the sculptor, show him holding a pair of draft horses named Duke and Baron; flesh or metal, they’re magnificent.

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I also got some decent shots of Patience and Fortitude, the two stone lions flanking the entrance to the New York Public Library’s main branch, which sits at the Fifth Avenue end of Bryant Park. Nice kitties!














And then there is one of the two repatriated eagles at Grand Central Terminal. (The other one is at the far side of the building from where I normally come and go; I should try to add that other eagle to my photo collection on one of my next visits.

a Grand Central eagle

a Grand Central eagle








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