A hunt for giant Easter eggs in New York

NYC is currently running a city-wide Easter egg hunt. I stumbled on part of it recently when in Manhattan for the Tartan Day parade (still working on this blog post). After the parade, I went to Rockefeller Plaza to people-watch. The promenade walkway between Fifth Avenue and the main Plaza where the Christmas tree lives at holiday time is often spiffed up with art installations and this time, the raised flower beds,

tulips in NY

tulips in NY

bursting with new tulips, were flanked by a row of oversized eggs on either side. Who knew? It reminded me of Cow Parade – a blank shape given to various artists to be decorated however they wished, put on display and then auctioned off for charity. Cow Parade cows have gone grazing all over the globe – I’ve seen them at Keukenhof and I even saw some in Bratislava, Slovakia about ten years ago. This egg thing is turning into the same sort of worldwide art happening. What fun!

Here are a handful of the eggs at Rockefeller Plaza. I apologize for the quality – some of the eggs were inside Plexiglas boxes, making for some irritating reflections. The labels are mine, though the artists did give them titles. I just didn’t bother looking (tsk)…

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I’m just glad I got to see these “Faberge” labeled eggs on a day when the area wasn’t too crowded. The day was gorgeous, breezy and slightly warm (skaters on the still-open ice rink were gliding around without coats).

spring at the ice rink

spring at the ice rink

Bulbs and early flowering plants were just starting to open; a perfect early spring day to be out and about.

chocolate shop window

chocolate shop window








There was even a Delft-style egg inside Grand Central Terminal near the entrance to the Market.

Easter egg inside Grand Central Terminal

Easter egg inside Grand Central Terminal

If you’re going hunting, be aware that there are some 275 eggs on display, mostly in Manhattan, so this smart-phone scavenger hunt could take a while if you want to “collect them all”, as they say (here’s a map to save you time; clicking on a number will bring up an image of that egg).

Having seen an exhibition of real Faberge eggs in London back in 1994 at the Victoria & Albert museum (another trip where I brought Dad along), it seems using that name for this bunch of modern sculptures is slightly cheeky, but maybe that’s just me.

Happy hunting and happy Easter!

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