Removing a couple of posts

Recently, I have become aware of the growing number of spam comments attaching themselves to a few of my older blog posts. This is supremely annoying, not to mention time-consuming – clearing out the spam folder so often.

If this is a sign that my blog is “getting around”, I am wishing for a different, less irritating indicator. In the meantime, I will remove those posts from the public stream. Not sure yet if it will help, since I’ve no idea how these nonsensical connections happen. For the most part, WordPress is catching them, but every so often, one makes it to the Comments for the post.

Shortly after putting up the blog, I changed the settings on Comments so they would display immediately, rather than requiring my explicit approval. Will have to wait and see if these spams start to sneak parasitically on to other posts. If so, I may have to go back to approval mode for the comments, which would be a shame.

Stay tuned and keep on reading!

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