news from Prague – summer 2014

Here are a bunch of interesting tidbits with info on what’s going on in and around Prague – for those who don’t click on my Prague HOT LINK!! Some originally noted in Prague Post.

Leave it to the Czechs to brag about a breeding program for lizards!

Something one-of-a-kindish – Whisky Live Prague in late September. (When you click on this link, there’s an irritating pop-up; click on the right-hand box to access; it’s in Czech, even though you’re on the English language page. [Bizarre! Divný!])

See the list of 16 sites in Czech Republic which are seeking UNESCO World Heritage status.

If you’re in Prague in October, check out the Signal Festival – Prague lights up!

I wonder if there’s some sort of hidden message on this one – Prague Zoo’s hippos are getting corporate sponsorship… from Hilton.

For those who don’t expect to travel to China and/or who may have missed the Terracotta Warriors when they visited NYC in 2012, two of them will be on display at Prague Castle’s Imperial Stables.

New food tours in Prague show there’s more to Czech cuisine than klobasa and sauerkraut; mind you, there’s nothing wrong with klobasa and sauerkraut!

Just opened – Letní Letna acrobatic / circus / theatre festival. Runs for two weeks and a bit.

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