London Tube set for all-night weekend service – September 2015

From London Independent, but will look for more info from TfL.

I’m looking forward to experiencing this development in London’s (possible) evolution to a 24/7 city, at least on weekends. Night buses will presumably still be a big part of after-hours transport, but I imagine a lot of people will take advantage of these new late Tube trains so they don’t have to make a mad dash for the last train of the night, clogging platforms and cars though there was a certain festive energy to that experience on occasion.

According to BBC News, we can expect 6 trains per hour on much of the Piccadilly, Central, Northern, Jubilee and Victoria lines. Sounds a tiny bit like oversupply, but I suppose I wouldn’t want to stand around on an Underground platform for more than 10 minutes at 3 am.

The Express newspaper notes that this expansion will coincide with the Rugby World Cup – an event I’m hoping to see bits of – and not some wussy near-match like USA v Almost Anybody. Been there, done that, not interested.

Rugby or no, let’s all hop on the late Tube bandwagon next year; maybe pubs will expand their hours as well. Cheers!


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