Euro news from Prague Post – drink more cava

Not only did Prague Post publish photos of their tree lighting in Old Town Square – making me pine for the trip I took to see their Xmas markets a couple of years ago (see Facebook page) – they also reviewed three of my favorite Spanish cavas! Delicious, loads of teensy bubbles and at a supremely affordable price point.

As a matter of recommendation, though, my current favorite (not on the list in the link) is the Brut Nature produced by Juve y Camps. On my visit to Freixenet in 2010, I was introduced to this drier-than-brut designation. Hard to find in the US until recently, Natures are becoming more popular. If you are a fan of brut, you should seek out this no-added-dosage stuff, also labeled as brut zero. Another benefit – no dosage means sugar free (well, technically up to 3 grams per liter is allowed, as opposed to 6g/l for regular brut) and no nasty chemical sweeteners in sight!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Ildiko David says:

    Are you getting ready already to celebrate the new year? Hope all is well with you! We missed you in the writing group. Are you going anywhere any time soon? I am asking a bunch of questions, hope you don’t mind. My news in a nutshell version: Harry (my son) is coming here on Dec. 22, staying until the 30th. Carla (my daughter) is coming in January (dates yet unknown) with Geneva Snow (my grand daughter), who will be one year old on Jan. 26. Lastly: I am still going out (very happily!) with Joe, so far 39 times. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015, in good health! Ildie

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