BA short haul to charge for food

I know people who fly British Airways regularly, mostly trans-Atlantic.

Be aware though, folks – BA’s short haul flights won’t include food, so keep your sterling handy or bring your own snacks. I’m tempted to advise bringing high-aroma foods (I’ve read recently that highly aromatic own-food on planes is making other passengers grumpy, though bringing your own curries and tacos happens even on flights with food included in the price of the seat). Come on! Besides, will it REALLY ruin your entire day – or week – or trip – just because the person next to you is chowing down on a Big Mac or a tiffin box? Pull-eease!

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4 Responses to BA short haul to charge for food

  1. NH friend says:

    Why mindfully annoy fellow passengers? There is enough stress in the world already!

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