London Tube closures thru 14 August 2016

Remember – You can always click on the Planned outages link on this blog page for up-to-date weekend information when no current blog post appears. (I just reposted that link; forgot to change the 2015 link to 2016).

Circle line is shut along the northern edge of the schematic map along with parts of the Metropolitan and Hamm’smith/City lines. Click on the link here for more closures, including disruptions on the Tram and Overground systems which have been going on all week.

There is a long term closure on the stretch of London Tram from Wimbledon to Dundonald Road until October sometime.

The only station closure at the mooment is –

Lambeth North station – closed until mid-February 2017.

Road closures and diversions are numerous.


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