A new program from London TfL

I almost lengthened the title of this post editorially but decided against.

Transport for London has launched a new effort to (possibly) make it easier for folks with physical or other difficulties to get a seat. It’s sad to think that Londoners don’t recognize when someone needs a seat more than the person seated.

I’ll be looking to see how many of these blue buttons I spot on lapels and collars when I’m next in London. I don’t consider myself frail or even particularly old-looking but I’ve been offered a seat several times when traveling the Tube. I usually demur but perhaps I should accept – not because I need the seat but simply so that the gallant stranger can feel good about the gesture.

Perhaps advertising the program will get people to act more kindly towards folks who really do need to sit down even if they aren’t wearing the little blue badge. I will try to do the same more often – and hope nobody will look at me with an expression that says “No thanks; you need it more than I do”!!

Note to my London friends – if you give me one of these buttons, I’ll smack you. (If I used a cane, I would have said I’d hit ’em over the head with my cane). So there!

Please offer me a seat

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