A blog update from one very lazy blogger

I think about writing something for the blog very often. Ah… if wishes were horses.

Just a notice that the HOT LINK list on the right has been updated (finally) for 2018. In fact, a few of the links are generic and up-to-date and it’s just the label that needed changing. So, the LINK there now are all current. I expect to add a few more.

The blog’s draft folder is still packed with a couple dozen posts-in-progress. It’s the same old story – start a post, find some photos, get the photos cleaned up in Photoshop, write some more. Log off. Think about it; write in my mind. Pour a glass of wine. Read some of whatever European-set murder mystery is on top of the nightstand bookpile… You will notice that the blog post never gets finished, let alone posted.

The draft folder is probably 5 or 6 trips behind and there’s a new adventure on the horizon. No promises, but maybe I can go back to a previous idea of posting one photo with a little bit of travel story to accompany it.

In the meantime, get your passport updated, click through the posts under the All Suzanne’s travels and travel essays Categories, build yourself a trip and go someplace I’ve been or visit somewhere I haven’t been to (or written about) yet. Europe is still magical!

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