NY’s Grand Central Terminal celebrates centennial

From France 24.

Celebration of Grand Central Terminal’s centenary.

Much as I love London, Grand Central is probably my favorite train station anywhere. It’s where I land on my day trips to NYC. One of these days, I’ll make time for the tour. So far, I can only hope to stroll through the Terminal Market for a homebound snack, assuming I don’t go for one of the better-looking-than-tasting cookies or pastries from one of the shops off the lobby. The goodies at Eli Zabar’s bakery at the Lexington Ave end of the Market are very nice but I’m thinking they’d taste even better washed down with champagne. Hmmm. Never thought of that. Keep it in mind for next time. I mean, if commuters can drink a beer on the train at rush hour, I should be able to enjoy a mini-champs with a couple of those delicate meringue sandwich macarons, no?

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2 Responses to NY’s Grand Central Terminal celebrates centennial

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I read a rather gushing article about this on the BBC which described it as the nicest station in the world. I didn’t realise how respected it was. But it sounds pretty spectacular.

    Crack on with the champers and meringue sandwich macarons I say!

    • suzykewct says:

      It is certainly the grandest public space in NYC. What the BBC article doesn’t mention about the star-studded ceiling is that there is a small square of black along one edge that shows just how filthy the ceiling was allowed to get before they restored everything.

      And even though the main hall is gigantic, you really CAN find someone ‘by the clock’ in the center of the floor no matter how crowded it is.

      I also remember the original Penn Station a bit. It was the station we arrived at from our home on Long Island if we were visiting ‘the city’. It was not as beautiful as Grand Central, but the series of rat tunnels that is now “Penn Station” is sad, drab and positively Dickensian. I hope I get to see the conversion of the Post Office across the street. The destruction of Penn Station was a crime. Jackie O deserves every bit of praise for her help in saving GCT!

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