Magpie blog announcement

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be fiddling with both the blog theme (format) and with how I present news links.

The themes I play with will still have header images – I quite like that feature – but there have been dozens of themes added to the wordpress library since I first created the blog and I’d like to find a fresher look for the blog while I wrestle with learning more of the techie side of things.


Filling the blog with dozens of individual posts containing links to news unrelated to my own wanderings seems to dilute the original focus – my own travel stories. As a first try, I’ll collect a group of news links I find interesting, put them all in one blog entry and post it.

Eventually, I’m planning to build a structure with drop down menu tabs by category, similar to the format in the 3 Days in London travel blog.

Another idea I’ll be playing with – blog entries containing just one or two photos with a short explanatory blurb. There are lots of fotos that are waiting for a longer blog post that I may never get around to writing.

I’m also doing this to improve my ‘standing’ in Google searches. The blog did quite well in the beginning but I suspect that posting fewer entries, combined with an unwieldy single page structure, is pushing the blog further down the food chain of Google search results.

I hope you enjoy the new look/s and that you’ll give me some feedback.

Happy spring!

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1 Response to Magpie blog announcement

  1. lanceleuven says:

    Fair play. No harm in a little experimentation. I shall look forward to the new look!

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