News from London and around the U.K.

From London Independent.

Green space, a wildflower meadow will transform a huge portion of the London Olympic site into a new urban park.

Tesco is buying the Giraffe restau chain in a bid to improve overall performance. What, my custom at Tesco Expresses every time I visit London isn’t enough to keep them afloat? Shocking!

Satellite simulcast of the Royal Ballet’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on 28 March for this production which runs from mid-March thru mid-April. Sounds like I should try to find a screen near me.

Awwww, cute!! The best Easter egg hunts in England are coming, including one at Highclere for all you Downton Abbey addicts.

Skeletons found in London during rail road project; probably 14th c. victims of the ‘Black Death’. Eewwww!

A list of ten stupendous British cheeses.

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2 Responses to News from London and around the U.K.

  1. lanceleuven says:

    As soon as I saw the cheese link I had to dive right in and read on!

    I couldn’t help but laugh when the very first comment was:

    ’11. Banker – An arrogant stinky cheese made with unpasteurised cockroach milk. Wrapped in blood money, recipient of multiple self awards, too rich for most peoples taste !
    £1000000+ per wedge’

    Really? An article about cheese and the first thing the guy thinks of is to make a dig about bankers! That’s hilarious. I know they’re not popular at the moment, but there’s a time and a place…

    And then I scrolled further down and found an amusing quote:
    ‘Q. Why do the French have 400 cheeses?
    A. Because they were trying to invent cheddar!
    (Sean Keaveny – BBC 6Music)’

    The French, of course, have some fantastic cheeses. But there’s always time for a bit of playful banter! 🙂

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