Not the same old lawn ornaments

One of the shops at Floriade, the Netherlands’ once-every-ten-years horticultural exhibition, had a variety of plastic lawn ornaments for sale. In addition to the usual ducks, chickens and gnomes, they also had goats and… you won’t believe it… guinea pigs!!

guinea pig lawn critters

guinea pig lawn ornaments

Why is this significant, you ask? I had a bunch of guinea pigs growing up. After bringing home one female from middle school (who turned out to be pregnant), that one critter became four on Mother’s Day – who knew guinea pigs could read calendars?

I would have liked to get the lawn piggies, but my bag was already dangerously close to the weight limit.

btw, even if I get to Peru one day to see Machu Picchu, I WON’T be eating any guinea pigs. Rabbits I can manage; guinea pigs (cuy), not so much. Actually, not at all.

getting your guinea pigs in a row

getting your guinea pigs in a row

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