Souvenirs from King’s / Queen’s Day in Amsterdam 2013

King’s Day / Queen’s Day in Amsterdam in 2013 was a once-in-a-lifetime combination affair – the reigning queen stepped down and her son became king. Two for the price of one.

Despite having no vested interest in the ceremonies, I went anyway and got a big kick out of the energy. There were also a few free souvenirs being handed out, as well as a couple that came included with some expense…

farewell Queen, welcome King

farewell Queen, welcome King


The giveaway at the Heineken Experience came at the ticket desk. I suppose I could have skipped the beer show and kept the crown but… why?

Heineken Queen crown

Heineken Queen crown


Then there were the little orange pompoms. These were gifts for charity donations, but I had not been able to track that down, so I had to hope for a lost pompom on the street. I found two and, lest anyone think the roach was my addition, it wasn’t. He came that way!

two orange fuzzies

two orange fuzzies


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2 Responses to Souvenirs from King’s / Queen’s Day in Amsterdam 2013

  1. lanceleuven says:

    Hah! That’s hilarious that he came with a roach. Well, it is Amsterdam I suppose… 🙂

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