The long skinny on London’s Circle Line

I found this online article explaining the history, problems and dreams regarding the Circle Line, one of London’s most useful Tube lines, especially if you’re the sort of person who wants to avoid changing trains as much as possible between point A and point B. I often include myself in that group. It is the second of two parts. Part One is here.

Not every bit of the text is essential reading and, frankly, it goes on and on a bit, but it thoroughly explains how and why the Circle line is no longer unbroken and is likely never to be an endless loop in future. I hadn’t considered all the knock-on effects of connections to the trains on other lines. My recurring thought each time I wanted to use the Circle line was, “Oh poop! And there’s that change at Edgware Road”. In previous years, and more than once, I would scoop up a copy of the London Time Out (another great weekly magazine for visitors that is a shadow of its former self, even if it’s now free) and hop on a Circle line train to do a bit of reading to pick stuff to do in the city. No more.

At the very least, I know not to hold my breath for a restored never-ending Circle Line!

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2 Responses to The long skinny on London’s Circle Line

  1. lanceleuven says:

    I found that really interesting. I thought to myself a while back that it had been a while since I didn’t have to change on the Circle. But I don’t go there frequently enough to have realised everybody always has to change. I just assumed that I was being unlucky.

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