Dutch tidbits – spring 2014

From Dutch news.

Bike parking to be expanded in Amsterdam.

A canal house is being created using a 3D printer and is open to visitors.

Problems with high-speed rail service continues, but slow trains are still in service between A’dam and Breda.

Just a slightly interesting item about creating “passports” for Dutch flower bulbs. I figure that if they can pass muster for importation into the USA, they’re clean enough for the rest of the planet.

This is a wild one – The Rijksmuseum has recently bought the death mask of a master forger. Ummm… are they sure it’s authentic? What a hoot if it turned out to be bogus! (And I got a big kick from the last line in the article).

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4 Responses to Dutch tidbits – spring 2014

  1. lanceleuven says:

    At least the Dutch aren’t having the train problems that the French are!

    • suzykewct says:

      Hmmm. Hard to believe that nobody in France thought to measure the rail beds when they ordered the new stock. The Icelanders would never make that mistake – they don’t HAVE railroads up there!

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