tidbits of UK travel news

From the London Independent.  A (very) modest hotel in Wales scores for customer service. Even thrifty old me could afford to stay here! I wonder how far in advance one needs to book? And here are a few ideas for celebrating World Whisky Month – before it’s too late!

From the NY Times.  A court has decided that Richard III’s remains should be placed in Leicester Cathedral, rather than in York. The Leicester Cathedral website has set out proposals for how his final resting place will be constructed, but there may be more coming from them soon, now that they’ve “won the toss”.

From Oxford Mail. A new Centre for Islamic Studies is coming to Oxford – a different flavor of a dreaming spire.

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1 Response to tidbits of UK travel news

  1. lanceleuven says:

    Wow, fair play to the Welsh couple on their success. I love the fact that they came second place to a hotel that charges £350-£500 p/n! But yes, I think booking well in advance might be necessary now (if it wasn’t already)!

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