Random news from the Netherlands – summer 2014

A bunch of items from Dutch News. Though some of the articles came out several weeks ago, the news is still valid as far as I can find.

Mopeds, helmets and bike lanes.

A surprising find during restoration of a Dutch Golden Age painting. A self-portrait is finally vetted as a Rembrandt. See it at home – Buckland Abbey, a National Trust property.

We’re back to the tourist-marijuana issue – non-locals can be banned from coffeeshops if a town or city wants it that way. And, in a similar “how will that work” vein – a smoking ban is coming for (non-dope) cafes and bars. What if smoking dope gets banned too?

Hash Brownies? Pot-laced poffertjes?  Photo from Food Safari wordpress blog.

What to do with the Crimean gold artifacts currently on loan to a Dutch museum. The exhibit has been extended from the beginning of June thru the end of August and I really wish I could find a way to see it! It’s hard to feel confident that these pieces will wind up going back to a safe and universally agreed home – at least, not yet.



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