Travel and art news from France – summer 2014

From France 24.

The Paris Pantheon has been wallpapered with some 4000 selfies by street artist JR, thru early October.

On the topic of selfies – Parisian authorities are trying to effect a sea change away from those bridge-destroying “love locks” and create a new, safer trend of special selfies. I rather think that other cities with a similar threat to their city bridges will be watching.

UNESCO has granted World Heritage status to Grotte Chauvet, a prehistoric cave in France’s Ardeche.

I particularly love this one – the French, particularly Parisians, are being asked to be less rude to the (economy-subsidizing) tourists. To be sure, Paris is a bit daunting for me – I speak French even worse than a Spanish cow (a French phrase describing someone whose French language skills are really, really bad), but I didn’t find the locals rude so much as bemused by my attempts to speak their beautiful language. The Belgians are much more forgiving; Brussels especially, perhaps because that is such an internationally polyglot city.

A stolen Matisse finally comes home.

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3 Responses to Travel and art news from France – summer 2014

  1. lanceleuven says:

    “A survey two years ago […] found that 97 per cent of Parisians believed their fellow citizens “were ill-mannered and lacked civility”” It’s not great if even the Parisians don’t like Parisians! I didn’t encounter any problems during my recent trip though. And I can sympathise with your struggles with French. I tried, but I’m not that great. At one point I ordered another beer but received the receipt.

  2. Just come back from a trip to Brussels and totally agree with you – they are very forgiving, we can vouch for that!

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