Thoughts on Europe from a departure lounge

Nothing too deep or complicated; just remembering where my head was at while waiting to board my flight from Edinburgh to Berlin last month.

The overhead flight board displayed a list of departing planes. Oh, the places you can go if you fly from Edinburgh Airport…

Belfast, Dusseldorf, London Heathrow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Milan, Heraklion, Southampton, Shannon, Corfu, Palma, Istanbul, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Birmingham, London Stansted, Brussels, Nice, London Gatwick, Sunburgh, Stornoway, Kirkwall, Manchester, Norwich, and these were all on planes leaving in the space of an hour or two.

I didn’t bother to make note of places outside Europe, I just drooled (mentally) and sighed, thinking of all the places I’ve yet to visit and wondering how in hell I’ll find the time to see them all, no matter how I get there.

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