A Robert Louis Stevenson tribute

Just about the only benefit of my staying in the Corstorphine area on Edinburgh’s outskirts was this statue across the street from the house and a few steps from the Western Corner bus stop. (The only other worthwhile attraction in this part of town is the Edinburgh Zoo, which I’d visited on a recent trip).

Stewart and Balfour Kidnapped

Stewart and Balfour Kidnapped

The figures represent Alan Breck Stewart (a real person) and David Balfour, characters from Stevenson’s novel,  Kidnapped. The spot where this monument by Alexander Stoddart was erected – and unveiled by Sean Connery in September 2004 – is near where the two men parted company at the end of their adventures, by the gate to a modern but since demolished (2010) distillery HQ.

The moral? Don’t assume that just because you’re far away from all the highly promoted sights doesn’t mean there’s nothing to discover. Even the most nondescript location can yield a surprise gem. Keep your eyes peeled!


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