St Norbert beer truck – photo

OK. I’m gonna try something new. My desire to blog has been pretty much non-existent for more than a year. Not what I envisioned when I started the thing and no real excuses to offer by way of explanation.

Sooo… in an effort to turn over a new travel-writing leaf, I will try posting photos with minimal text. I can easily find myself writing more when my butt is in the chair and I’m staring at the computer screen, but the tough part is getting into that position in the first place!

Here’s my first photo-post…

Cross the Vltava River in Prague either on foot or by metro to Malostranská. Outside, cross the street and take the #22 tram uphill to the Pohořelec stop. From here, trudge up the hill some more, looking for the high stone walls that lead you to Strahov monastery. (The two libraries in the main building became famous as locations in the BBC Musketeers series – see separate post, December 2015).

Near this entry and before you get to the main monastery buildings is a small beer garden where you can get yummy food paired with some terrific beer. One of the best coming from this tiny brewery is St Norbert.

norbert-beer-truckWords to live by and they obviously deliver!!

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