Xmas rats on my dashboard

I know, this barely counts as blog-worthy but hey, it’s timely, no?

These two critters came from IKEA many years ago. They started life sitting on the top of my office cubicle and, somehow, somewhy, they began getting dressed up for various holidays. When the job went bye-bye, the rats relocated to the dashboard of my car. They are still getting dressed up… with coordinating colored pipe cleaners wrapped around their tails. No idea of their gender; they don’t even have names.

This is a foto from last year – note snow in background. Happy holidays from the rats and the Magpie!


dashboard rats

dashboard rats


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11 Responses to Xmas rats on my dashboard

  1. patricia m spencer says:

    I want to go to the Edinburgh Festival this August are you interested in going together or giving me suggestions?

    • Suzanne says:

      Can’t understand how I missed seeing this comment from you!! I’m not sure how my travel will play out this year, mostly due to cat care getting complicated. I moved flights planned for September 2016 out to May 2017 and I’m already wondering if I’ll have to change them again. That said, I loved the Edinburgh Festival when I went in 1990 and the Military Tattoo at the Castle when I went in 2014. I can definitely recommend getting tickets to the Tattoo. I ended up in the Premier section (see the website https://www.edintattoo.co.uk plan) because I waited so long to decide. The orange area would be just as good for viewing the performance. The different groups enter from the Castle and leave where the orange section shows what appears to be a missing bunch of seats lower right. As for the Festival, their website says that the programs will be announced in March so I’d be interested to know what’s on before deciding. At the very leat, maybe we can meet up either in NYC or some time when I can come down to LI. Let me know and Happy New Year.

      • patricia m spencer says:

        Let me know if you are planning to be on Long Island or in NY City and we will get together. Looking forward to hearing more about Edinborough, have you ever visited the home of the Bronte family? Looks interesting and on the way to Scotland.

        • suzykewct says:

          The only visit I’m planning to NYC this month is the NY Times Travel Show on Jan 28-29 weekend. Not sure which day I’ll go. The winter restau in Bryant Park is not there this year, a great place for a hot drink while sitting outside next to a propane heater. Are you interested in the Travel Show? I’ve been several times so I’m mostly interested in the presentations by travel folks but if you’ve never been, there are loads of booths with brochures, trip planning help, cultural performances, etc. Don’t think there’s anything for the UK except perhaps Ireland but I’ll visit booths for Iceland, Croatia and see what else intrigues me. Check the programs on the website. If you want to go, I can get 2 tickets for the price of one.

        • suzykewct says:

          And no, I haven’t visited Bronte country.

  2. patricia m spencer says:

    By now they are long time friends on your travels

    • suzykewct says:

      Only local, I’m afraid. They spend time in parking garages when I’m off traveling. And how are you??

      • patricia m spencer says:

        I am well and back on top form after a Summer of medical problems, I am not use to being sick.

        • suzykewct says:

          Sorry to hear you’ve had troubles but very glad you’re recovered. I’m headed out for 10 days to London and a tour of 3 Xmas markets in N Europe. Will connect with you when I return and maybe I can come down for a quick visit, weather permitting.

          • patricia m spencer says:

            sounds good, I wish i was visiting the German markets. Have fun, stay warm, i remember how cold it gets.

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