New tours from Tours International for 2017

Take a look at the new tour offerings from Tours International – the folks Dad and I traveled with back in 2002 (the Normandy beaches) and who gave Dad, by his own admission, the best trip ever!

I keep the main website for TI on the right –> see under HOT LINKS but here are their newest…

500th Anniversary – the Reformation  (this is a group tour offering and the newest in the Christian tour category)

TV tour – the Crawleys et. al. (this is an individual tour, one of several in the TV and film location category)

I’m not exactly sure if individuals can sign up on group tours. In the case of our 2002 tour, Dad & I expected to travel with other people unknown to us, so it may only be a question of keeping the head count manageable (and “separate checks” when billing). Just ask!

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2 Responses to New tours from Tours International for 2017

  1. patricia m spencer says:

    FYI: I was checking flights to Europe for the Summer and saw very low prices, a tennis friend and travel agent said their is a big sale war going on until 12/15/16, while supplies last

  2. patricia m spencer says:

    thanks, I have taken note of the travel company.
    Life is good.

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